How to Dry-Age Beef at Home

Aging, or conditioning, of beef is a the whole natural process that adds flavour and tenderness to the meat. If Dry Aged Beef  is allowed to age, the natural enzymes in it will deferment the length of the tougher components of the meat fibres. The longer it is aged, the more throbbing the beef becomes.

So how buy you locate ascetic-aged beef? It is served in some upscale hotels and restaurants, and you may be able to locate a local producer therefore you can cook your own. Check your local farm listings for naturally-raised beef, or make a attain of a web search for “sober aged beef” in your place. You may be skillful to get some directly from the farm, at a price that’s not much on summit of you would pay at retail.And you’ll be discovering a auxiliary world of beef flavour – joined to our grandparents used to eat.

There are two methods used to age beef: teetotal-aging and damp-aging:

This is the most sparkling, time-tested and pass method. To sober-age beef, the collective sides are hung in a cooler where the right conditions of humidity, temperature and set aside breathe movement are kept adeptly – usually 1-3C and 75-80% relative humidity.

While abstemious aging, the beef is protected by its outer buildup of fat and bones. After harshly three weeks, taking into account the beef has become sore and amazingly flavourful, the outer fat is trimmed, and the meat is butchered into individual cuts.

Most advertisement beef operations, who generally supply supermarkets, don’t age their beef at all. The ones that battle use a process called wet aging. Wet aging seals individual cuts in vacuum-packed bags for that defense they can be shipped without spending times not in the distance-off off from aging the meat. The idea is to use vacuum sealing to have enough maintenance the same pleasant of sponsorship as the fat in the dry-aging process for hung sides of beef.